SUSI app is a nice app which is also a open-source personal assistant I was given a task to find the bugs . I really appreciate it I am listing some bugs which I found when I was using the application. First I registered myself in that.

Firstly I did not activated my account through the link which was sent to my mail. Without activation I tried logging in. But instead of showing not activated it has shown invalid password.screenshot_2016-12-25-12-53-03-386  I expected the notification saying activate account.
Since when I started chatting I saw that it was giving me many irrelevant replies. I asked something it gave me map


If I ask some thing it says no web results found even if it is a simple question.

It doesnt understand the short words used while messaging.

It doesn’t understand ‘wht r u doing?’ instead it understands ‘What are you doing?’ .

It doesn’t understand ‘how r u’ it understands ‘how are you?’.

I think that they may solve the described issues and improve the app.

Thanking you.

Please visit the following link of Susi app-




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