Google Code In

I am participating in Google code-in so,  i am writing this post. Till now I have completed 7 tasks which includes some GitHub tasks and blog posts . The contest is going to end on 16th of January 2017 . I am eagerly waiting for the T-shirt and a certificate . Still I need to learn many programming languages I am trying to find a resource for learning them. I think that after GCI when I turn 18 years old I am surely going to participate in GSOC (Google Summer of code) to get many more complicated tasks to work on.

I worked with tasks of many organisations in that I completed many tasks of Fossasia . I really enjoyed working with Fossasia it’s really a great organisation with great motto. I think that the tasks will surely going to help me in my future. Please do visit the website of fossasia you will get to know about it.

Link for the website-


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