About Me

Hi first I thank you everyone because of visiting my blog đŸ˜€.

I am very fond of computers and my interest in computers was since I was 2nd standard. I am not quite  brilliant in many languages, just I know some basics of HTML and CSS.

From December 3 I was just talking about Google code-in and I thought to register and participate it now I have completed some 5 tasks of different organisations. I have 1 shade many tweets about fossasia and completed many tasks . They are really quite easy tasks ,I like to the concept of the Google code in indulging students in different tasks and giving them appreciation.

The first thing I like about the open source organisation is that they show everything openly ,which help many programmers ,inspiring minds to think by seeing their repositories. The Google code in is the program organised by many of the the open source organisations. I have tried my hand in designing logos it maybe designing banners but I failed then I came to know that I am not good in designing I tried two coding tasks and some Android studio projects. I got my project approved and their I am now eligible for the t-shirt and of- course Google certificate which mean a lot for me and all the students.

I’d like to thank the developer of GitHub which enabled many students like us to see the repositories of many great organisations and developers. Before joining this Google code-in program ,seriously I didn’t even know what’s the GitHub and for what it is used .

I have starred many repositories of, especially fossasia which I saw learnt from it something from it. First from Google code-in I learnt how to create a new repository and make a pull request.

The main aim of the fossasia is to support the students and to promote open technological world. I did like this intention very much because seeing the others we can learn but if there is no resource for learning we cannot promote a technological world it’s really impossible everyone can’t attend tutorials everyone can’t get tutors.

The screenshots of starred repositories of fossasia.

Please check out the fossasia website-http://fossasia.org

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