First blog

My first BLOG

I Prajwal Patil from India studying in 9th . Computer has been my favorite subject ,I  learnt HTML in 8th & CSS in summer vacations. I was finding a resource for learning . One day when I was bored…

First I was typing something related to Google Code ,I was unfamiliar with the GCI . GCI is a really inspiring program for the students. First I thank for all the Organizations who have organized this and the mentors who are constantly helping students in their tasks.

The first task I chose was ‘Git Introduction’ from ‘Sugar Labs’ . I saw all the well defined instructions and somehow I sent a repository to the mentor. The mentor helped me by describing the requirements in the comments section. Again I uploaded another updated repository as described it ,but as it was my first task I failed again.. Mentors did not give up they finally bought me to create a successful pull request in Git . Then after all they approved my task and I was happy that I am going to get at least a digital certificate from Google.

My journey of GCI was very interesting I believe that the Git concepts will help me in future.

At last I say that ‘Thank you ‘Sugar Labs’.

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