Experience in Google Code-In

I finished almost 9 tasks in Google code in and 7 tasks of Fossasia and 3 tasks of other organizations. I enjoyed my experience in GCI and learnt many things in google code in and hope it may help me in future. I completed many tasks some were easy and some were too difficult to complete. I completed a task of GitHub which comprises adding the information to the site in .yml sheet adding images and making pull requests etc. i enjoyed it and i faced many difficulties during the completion of  the task. Two times i failed in merging and making pull requests . When i made mistakes mentors corrected me and guided me in the completion of the task.


In future i think that mentors will help the students in GCI 2017 to achieve success and make students enthusiastic and spirit full and make more students to participate in this program and encourage them .

I would like to thank fossasia in being a part of GCI encouraging students and shaping their future.


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